The Story of Vincent Whateley (as told by Ariane Eldar), Page 3 of 8
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The Story of Vincent Whateley (as told by Ariane Eldar), Page 3 of 8
22nd Aug 2019, 11:01 PM
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Author Notes:
Professor Etheric
Professor Etheric
Here is the third part of the eight page (!) guest story by Stilldown, creator of Theater of the Bloody Tongue (among other works).

Here we have what could, arguably, be called the "meet cute" between our Vincent and Stilldown's Ariane (if one isn't absolutely terrified)...

I wonder, though, if this took place at Second Star to the Right.
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User comments:
re: Second Star to the Right

Yeah, because WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BOOKSTORE has that sort of selection?

I mean, outside of the greater Portland, OR area?
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I wouldn't put it past a book repository like this one for starters ...
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I didn't have room to show all the labels in the bookshop, but here's a small excerpt:

Aradian wicca
Black wicca
Catholic syncretic wicca
Celtique wicca
Dianic wicca
Feminist wicca
Gardnerian wicca
Neopagan wicca
Reformed orthodox wicca
Syncretic buddhist wicca
Techno wicca
Traditional orthodox wicca
Uniterian wicca
Vegan wicca

Church of Satan
Cthuloid satanism
Deistic satanism
Hammerian satanism
Metal satanism
New church of Satan
New Satanic church
Non Leveyan lefthand satanism
Pagan satanism
Post-cabbalistic satanism
Satanic church
Satanic church of Satan united
Sethian satanism
Theistic satanism
Thelemist hybrid satanism
True Leveyan satanism
Yog-sothothian satanism

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Helping a lady carrying all those heavy books?
That's... that's actually really sweet!
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And now here's something entirely different.
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